ASL Merry Christmas greeting card ( 1 card or 6 or 12 cards)

$ 2.50

Santa signs "Merry Christmas"! Tilt the card and see Santa Claus sign the letter "M" for Merry and then in a slight arch signs the letter "C" for Christmas. This is one version of how to sign "Merry Christmas" in ASL. AND ...... this Santa is Deaf. He is my dad. Way to be a good sport while posing and signing for this photo card. Thanks Dad!

This is a lenticular card. This means when you tilt the card you will see 2 images as if it moves. It is glued to a 80# bright white note card which is 5.5" x 4.25 in size. It is blank in side. It comes with an envelope in a clear sleeve.