Lenticular Safari Poster May 20 2015

Aug. 2015

I was able to raise enough money to make a redesign of the cards and turn the images into one large lenticular safari poster. I donated 3 posters to 3 schools.

Below is an image of the final design of the Safari Poster. When looking at the actual poster on a wall you can see the images move by leaning left to right. The children show you the sign for the animal they are standing next to. Its a fun way to learn some animal signs and a nice piece of art for the wall.

If you are interested in purchasing the poster please contact me and I will give you the price for the size you want.

Thank you everyone for your support and donations.



May 20, 2015

I'm excited to let you know I am planning on bringing back the ASL Zoo Animal cards. I will need you help with this endeavor. I designed this set of 15 lenticular cards about 4 years ago.

Since crowd funding has become such a sucessful way to raise money I thought I woudl give it my best try. I opened an account with GoFundMe. The link to the campaign is gofundme.com/ASLZooCards. You can read about my goals and plans for the ASL Zoo cards and rewards for donating. Please feel free to share this information with your family and friends.

With your help I know I can reach my goal.

Thank you.