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I like to find ways to combine my knowledge of ASL and my art. I explored this for awhile thought about how I could show the movement of ASL in a card. Lenticular graphics was the answer. I create these fun interactive lenticular ASL cards to learn some basic signs. Some of my products are geared towards parents wanting to learn sign with their babies and toddlers. Teaching babies how to sign before they talk is very beneficial. I have an info sheet explaining the benefits of learning sign language with babies. All the children I photographed are either deaf or like me - they can hear and  their parents are deaf. I also have lenticular ASL greeting cards signing - Thank You and Happy Birthday. Tilt the card and see how to make the sign. Its that simple. 

ASL (American SIgn Language) is my first language. Both of my parents and one set of grandparents are deaf. I can hear. I grew up signing first and learned English from my siblings and at school. Both of my parents are artists. This is where I get my passion for creating and drawing. I want to give people who know ASL more options to express themselves in ASL through greeting cards, flashcards and art.

I taught ASL for 12 years at San Diego State University and now I interpret at UCSD and run this business. I really have fun creating new designs and figuring out how to get them out to the masses the best way possible.

Thats pretty much it for now. Enjoy!!

I also have a shop on Etsy and Spoonflower.  You can go to my Etsy shop at etsy.com/shop/SayItInASL to see ALL of the cards and products I have. Spoonflower is a great place to shop and upload your own designs for fabric, gift wrap paper and wall decals. Here is the link to my Spoonflower shop - spoonflower.com/profiles/marykane. If you need anything or have a question, please email me at mary@sayitinsign.com.

And if the shipping is WAY TOO HIGH please let me know.