2 Sets of ASL Flashcards

$ 25.95

Learn 30 signs with your baby or toddler by tilting and learning.  Its a fun interactive way to learn.

You will get 1 set of the First Signs flashcards and 1 set of the More Signs flashcards  Each set has 15 ASL signs/words. The 15 "First Signs" signs/words are: THANK YOU, MOM, DAD, MORE, EAT, FINISH, DRINK, MILK, WANT, COOKIE, CRACKER, BOOK, HOME, BED and BATH.
The 15 "More Signs" signs/words are: BOY, GIRL, PLAY, BALL, TREE, GO, BIRD, CAT, DOG, HOUSE, AIRPLANE, CAR, PLEASE, HELP and SORRY. Great gifts for baby showers or for pre-school classes or parents learning ASL.

English and Spanish translations are on the back of each card. 

The 2 sets flashcards come in a white organza bag with information about learning ASL. Tilt the cards left to right to see the images move. (Not back and forth).

Have fun tilting and learning!