ASL Early Signs Flashcards

$ 12.99

This is a set of 15 "More Signs" ASL (American Sign Language) flashcards made with lenticular graphics. It is a follow up to the "First Signs" flashcards. When you tilt the card the image changes/moves - showing you how to make the sign. Look at the last 2 pictures above and see the difference - the girl's hand moved down her cheek - showing you how to sign "Girl". All the children are either deaf or can hear and have parents who are deaf. ASL is their first language. The 15 signs/words are: BOY, GIRL, PLAY, BALL, TREE, GO, BIRD, CAT, DOG, HOUSE, AIRPLANE, CAR, PLEASE, HELP and SORRY.

This is a great baby shower gift or a gift for any parent wanting to learn some basic signs with their baby/toddler. Included is an information sheet on the benefits of learning sign with your babies. The cards are 3 1/2" x 3 3/4" in size. Please let me know if you want a blue, pink or white organza bag when you order. Thanks! Enjoy!