ASL Gift Box - Socks, soaps, stickers and buttons

$ 14.99

A fun gift box for those who know ASL. In this gift box you will get a pair of socks plus 2 small soaps OR 1 small soap and a sticker packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a a circular window. The box size is 4" x 4" x 2". 

1. Please choose the ASL sock design and choose the sock size. **Some designs have limited size choices. 

Only ONE SIZE available: Medium
ILY Gnome -  Medium ( W 8 - 10)/M (6-9)
Tea Design  - Medium (W 8 - 10)/M (6-9)

Only TWO SIZES available: Small or Medium
Coffee Design - Small (W 5 - 7.5) and Medium (W 8 -  10)/M (6-9)
ILY Paw (6 colors variations) - Small ( W 5 - 7.5) and Medium (W 8 -  10)/M (6-9)
   Colors: white sock blue paws, white sock pink paws, black sock blue paws, black sock pink paws, blue sock black paw, pink sock black paw. You can go to this listing to see the color choices -  
THREE SIZES available: Small, Medium and Large
ILY Santa Red Glove -  Small, Medium and Large (W 11 - 13)/M (10 - 12)
ILY Santa Green Glove - Small, Medium and Large (W 11 - 13)/M (10 - 12)

2. Please choose and message me either 2 small soaps or 1 soap and 1 sticker.

Soap Choices:

Gnome standing
Gnome laying down
Gnome hanging with the snowman
Gnome bathing
ILY Red glove with a green background

Sticker choices:

Gnome sticker
Tea sticker
ILY Paw blue sticker
ILY Paw pink sticker

If you have any. questions please ask.

Have fun creating your gift box.

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