ASL Fabric & Gifts

Checkout ASL fabric & gifts that include ASL signs in the pattern.

Some designs are the ASL "I Love You" hand embedded in the pattern. The newest design, and my favorite right now, is the ASL Coffee design. There is an image of the sign coffee along with the fingerspelling of the word coffee and images of coffee beans, grinders and coffee cups. Another is a butterfly design, fish design  and "I Love You" paw design for dog lovers.

These designs are printed by a third party company called  You can find my design shop at I love this website and business. You can order these designs as gift wrap paper, fabric, wall decals, tea towels, napkins, etc. Very cool site! Check it out. 

2019: I have recently added "ASL Gifts" - ASL Coffee and tea mugs, ASL socks (more designs coming) and ASL gift bags.